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My Mission

There is something special about each breed of poultry. Whether it is the coloration, the feathering, the size, or the eggs, that they lay, each breed is unique and possesses particular characteristics, which are endearing. The rarer the breed, the greater the contrast between them and the “generic” birds that have been created for the egg or meat market. Not only have these “generic”birds taken over commercial production but they now also dominate the humble backyard pens, replacing the very breeds that created them.

Unless we do something about the demise of the rarer breeds we will lose the special characteristics that these purebred varieties possess.

“Rare Breeds Poultry” is committed to saving some of the rarer breeds and hopes that others will take on other breeds with the same aim of preserving these unique birds, thus strengthening the gene pool for future generations to enjoy.

Terry Hill September 2011